Frequently Asked Questions

How much will I need to invest into wedding photography with Blair?

Wedding photography is often thought of as a cost rather than an investment. This is only true if you are taking risks in selecting your photographer. In this case it becomes a gamble rather than a cost. Investing in an experienced, creative and award winning specialist wedding photographer mitigates risk factors while insuring quality results that will stand the test of time.

My wedding photography coverage starts at $4500 NZD (including taxes if applicable) plus incurred expenses (if any).

That price seems reasonable, what extra expenses might I have to pay?

Generally none, your investment will cover almost all aspects of your wedding day.

If your wedding is held more than 100km from central Auckland, NZ we will need to talk about covering additional travel and accomodation costs.

Likewise, if you are planning a spectacularly long wedding day there could be extra to pay there too.

What sort of experience does Blair have?

I have been photographing weddings for over 15 years being involved in over 400 nuptials since 2003.

During this time I have entered and won many wedding photography awards both in New Zealand and internationally. My most proud achievement was being named New Zealand Wedding Photographer of the Year in 2010.

Blair describes himself as easygoing, how does this translate into his photographic style?

To put a label on it you would say my wedding photography style is documentary  or reportage photography. Being an observant witness to your day I’m able to capture people and places within context in a largely candid way. That being said I can also call upon years of experience to flip the switch and guide the proceedings through family and formal photos with ease.

Do we get both colour and black & white images?

Yes, for sure! I personally edit and adjust each and everyone of your images making decisions along the way as to how they should best be presented, sometimes colour and sometimes black & white. Of course they’re all captured in high resolution digital format so if you would like a black & white image in colour (or vice versa) you can always ask.

Will Blair be the photographer on the day?

Yes, Blair is personally committed to your booking and will always be the lead photographer on the day.

How many images will I receive from the wedding day?

It’s a reasonable expectation to receive between 45-65 images per coverage hour. Of course this is totally dependant on the actual  events, details and your specific timeline. I tend to follow the ‘less is more’ philosophy also and try not to drown you in unnecessary or double-up images.