Mudbrick Wedding Photos – Heather and John

In what could easily be described as the "best lighting ever at Mudbrick" Heather and John were married. The soft overhead light enhanced the gentle and intimate mood of the afternoon. I was lucky enough to be shooting alongside longtime photo pal Karen Ellis-Green, so good to work with you again after all this time! [...]

Desiree ♥ Erhard. Waiheke

The lovely Desiree & Erhard feature on Paper + Lace. Check out their lovely words about Shine Studios!

Paper & Lace

As soon as I saw those incredible shoes I knew this would be a must see wedding. (You can tell a lot about a wedding/woman by the shoes you know!) The pops of colour, the sparkly details, and the endless swoon worthy accessories, are perfectly matched with fantastic location and a sweet, sweet cheesecake to match.

A huge congratulations to the loved up couple, and a massive thank you to Blair at Shine Studios for sharing this special day. Enjoy…

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 The proposal…

This was something truly unique and unexpected! I was given the amazing…

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