Stonyridge Vineyard Winter Wedding – Waiheke Island – Wendy & Graham


Amazing things can happen when two un-wedding-y people get together on Waiheke Island to celebrate family, friendship and love.

Congratulations to you both and to Scarlet. All the best for your new life together in the US.

Venue: Stonyridge Vineyard

Photographer: Blair Quax

WendyGraham2 WendyGraham3 WendyGraham4 WendyGraham5 WendyGraham6 WendyGraham7 WendyGraham8 WendyGraham9 WendyGraham10 WendyGraham11 WendyGraham12 WendyGraham13 WendyGraham14 WendyGraham15 WendyGraham16 WendyGraham17 WendyGraham18 WendyGraham20 WendyGraham21 WendyGraham22 WendyGraham23 WendyGraham24 WendyGraham25 WendyGraham26 WendyGraham27 WendyGraham28 WendyGraham29 WendyGraham30 WendyGraham31 WendyGraham32 WendyGraham33 WendyGraham34 WendyGraham35

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