Mudbrick Winter Wedding – Christina & Hamish


On a wild Waiheke winter’s day Christina and Hamish were married within the warm cosy glow of the wine cellar at Mudbrick Vineyard. Thunder and lightning added a theatrical soundtrack to their ceremony, often as celebrant Chris Mullane paused for effect! Luckily they had met earlier in the day for photos around the island, with blue skies even featuring for a short time. They met in private at Lavender Hill and made use of the stunning grounds for photos before escaping the rain inside for champagne, nibbles and more photos. Stunning bouquets, button holes and cellar vines created by the talented Virginia at Waiheke Flower Gallery. All in all a perfect mix of weather to suit a winter wedding day, and a pleasure to photograph!

We wish you all the best and hope you enjoy your sneak peak…  Photography by Lauretta & Blair Quax

Mudbrick_Christina&Hamish2 Mudbrick_Christina&Hamish3 Mudbrick_Christina&Hamish4 Mudbrick_Christina&Hamish5 Mudbrick_Christina&Hamish6 Mudbrick_Christina&Hamish7 Mudbrick_Christina&Hamish8 Mudbrick_Christina&Hamish9 Mudbrick_Christina&Hamish10 Mudbrick_Christina&Hamish11 Mudbrick_Christina&Hamish12 Mudbrick_Christina&Hamish13 Mudbrick_Christina&Hamish14 Mudbrick_Christina&Hamish15 Mudbrick_Christina&Hamish16 Mudbrick_Christina&Hamish17 Mudbrick_Christina&Hamish18 Mudbrick_Christina&Hamish19 Mudbrick_Christina&Hamish20 Mudbrick_Christina&Hamish21 Mudbrick_Christina&Hamish22 Mudbrick_Christina&Hamish23 Mudbrick_Christina&Hamish24 Mudbrick_Christina&Hamish25 Mudbrick_Christina&Hamish26 Mudbrick_Christina&Hamish27 Mudbrick_Christina&Hamish28 Mudbrick_Christina&Hamish29 Mudbrick_Christina&Hamish30 Mudbrick_Christina&Hamish31 Mudbrick_Christina&Hamish32 Mudbrick_Christina&Hamish33 Mudbrick_Christina&Hamish34 Mudbrick_Christina&Hamish35 Mudbrick_Christina&Hamish36 Mudbrick_Christina&Hamish37 Mudbrick_Christina&Hamish38 Mudbrick_Christina&Hamish39 Mudbrick_Christina&Hamish40


  1. These very likely are the most beautiful and imaginative wedding photos I’ve ever seen … wish I’d been invited to the party! Excellent job!

  2. It was an amazing experience to go through these beautiful pictures…What a fine work…Kudos to the amazing photographer for saving these memories 🙂
    And best wishes to the lovely couple 🙂
    #MakingOthersSeeHowBeautifulTheyAre 🙂 🙂

  3. I really liked your technique with the pictures. I was really amazed how you captured the lighting on the last picture with the sunset and still having soft light cast upon their backs. That looked like a technically difficult shot. Would love to know how you did it.

  4. really stunning pictures…i wish i could have such pictures when i get married…loved them..loved them all…
    a wonderful job done! these pictures will help the bride and the groom and their families to cherish the day forever. absolutely heart warming! many congratulations on being freshly pressed.

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